Wellness Festival

Students at Willow Park School participated in a Wellness Festival on Wednesday, May 31st. The day started with keynote speaker Candace Watson, and then students participated in four sessions to learn proactive strategies for staying well. Sessions included arts activities, physical activity, mindfulness and information about various aspects of staying well. To finish the day, students planned service activities that they carried out with their buddies the following Friday. Thank you Ms Wesley and Ms Mason for organising such a fantastic day!   Continue reading Wellness Festival

New Art in the Learning Commons by Billie Rae Busby

Billie Rae Busby is a contemporary emerging visual artist who creates abstract landscape paintings of the Canadian prairies. She uses a precise hard-edge technique to reinvent her surroundings through mood, light and movement. Raised and educated in Saskatchewan and living in Calgary, she is inspired by both the complexity of urban architecture and the vast rural landscape. She snaps photos while traveling through the Canadian prairies as her source to create paintings of inventive yet familiar settings. The lines replicate the movement of a vehicle through the sprawl to expose an assortment of effects, time, seasons and common weather conditions. … Continue reading New Art in the Learning Commons by Billie Rae Busby

New Art Piece by Aaron Sidorenko Now in the Learning Commons

Aaron is a Calgary based artist who has a special interest in portraits. He has exhibited his work across Canada since 2001. Aaron is the proud father of York and Ronan here at Willow Park School. Portrait of Edward Burtynsky Edward Burtynsky is a Canadian photographer and artist known for his larger format photographs of industrial landscapes. His work is housed in more than 50 museums including the Guggenheim Museum, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. Aaron met Edward Burtynsky at an opening for one of his own photographic exhibitions. Stop by the Learning Commons and … Continue reading New Art Piece by Aaron Sidorenko Now in the Learning Commons

February 22nd is Pink Shirt Day

On February 22nd, staff and students participated in Pink Shirt Day facilitated by Mr. Khubyar’s Leadership class. What is Pink Shirt Day? Anti-Bullying Day is a day when people wear a pink, blue or purple shirt to symbolise a stand against bullying, an idea that originated in Canada. It is celebrated on various dates around the world. Do you how Pink Shirt Day began? Celebrated annually around the globe, Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007 when two students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, took a stand against homophobic bullying after a new Grade 10 student was harassed and … Continue reading February 22nd is Pink Shirt Day

2nd Annual Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Grade 7, 8, and 9s are having fun making phone calls and emailing folks to purchase cookie dough in the Learning Commons today! This is a big fundraiser to help offset costs for student field trips and Grade 9 graduation. Students are doing a great job and are busy calling friends, family and neighbours. Lots of prizes are being won as students learn telephone communication skills. Students who are not here today because of the snowy weather, will still be able to sell cookie dough. Packages will be available in the office for students to pick up. Anyone who wants … Continue reading 2nd Annual Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Come See the New Piece of Art in the LC by Sarah Fuller

Sarah Fuller was born in Winnipeg but works and lives in Banff, Alberta. She earned a BFA from the Emily Carr University in Vancouver in 2003. Her approach to photography is primarily project based, with an emphasis on personal experience, community collaboration and an examination of the medium itself. This has been explored through projects that deal with relationship to place, memory and personal narrative. Fuller believes that the romanticism of places and things that have been photographed is related to an attempt to find the exceptional in everyday life. In a world that strives for perfection and seamlessness, there is … Continue reading Come See the New Piece of Art in the LC by Sarah Fuller